It's just me out here... Cooling down by the pool after my morning workout.

Chilling outside writing this blog post.

 Hey there! What’s going on?
 Today, while sitting out back on my patio enjoying a beautiful summer morning, I decided to write this quick blog post.
 You see, I have visions of building a sustainable business (working from home) to supplement my soon to be retirement income but I’m never home!
 I’m always on the run!
 I work full time in Philadelphia, I’m the primary caregiver for my aging mother who also lives there.
 So needless to say, I’m back and forth across the bridge on a daily basis.
 How do I balance all this by myself?
 I don’t… I need help!
 I have to carve out at least an hour or two every day to create and publish content.
 You see, I’m looking to create a lifestyle design business.
 Create a what?…
 …A business where I can pick up and work from anywhere. All I need is an internet connection my iPhone, iPad or Laptop computer.
 … I know, that sounds pretty cool doesn’t it?
 Well, let me tell you, it’s much easier said than done.
 In my next post, I’ll let you look over my shoulder so you can see how I’m setting things up.
 Until next time!

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